About Us
Who We Are

ELMA Products LLC. is a US-based company. After many years in the baby apparel industry, we decided to create TushMate®, an easy-to-use, works for all occasions, good for baby's skin and economical cloth diaper brand.

Our Canadian product designer, co-founder of the company, has two lovely kids. As a busy working mom, she truely understands how important it is to find a balance between using eco-friendly product to protect the babies and the earth in an economical way with the demands of hectic life. Our TushMate® cloth diaper is an easy-to-use and provides multiple configuration choices for all your needs.

Both our product technician and the product manager are in China. They work closely with the factory to make sure from fabric order, cloth diaper production to the product shipment, each process is under our control and meets our exacting standards.

Our US team members have many years of customer service experience. They believes a good product needs even better customer care.

As an international team we work together happily, tirelessly and wisely to produce a cloth diaper which can really help your daily life and help our mother earth.

Our Challenge

As parents ourselves, we were aware of the growing campaign to turn away from disposable diapers in order to limit our carbon footprint and protect the environment for our babies’ future. At the same time we faced the very real need for a convenient, affordable and reliable diaper that was comfortable and gentle enough for our growing newborns. While modern cloth diapers did offer “stay-dry” moisture-wicking liners, waterproof exteriors, and water-resistant outer shells, they still required constant monitoring, frequent changing and repeated laundering of the diaper’s separate components.

Our quest was to design a diaper that met all of the points on our wish list: convenience, affordability, reliability, comfort, gentleness, less frequent changes, and less washing. Added to these features we also wanted our diaper to be easy to assemble, adaptable to different levels of needed absorbency and size-adjustable to accommodate a baby’s rapidly changing size. This was the challenge we sought to conquer. 

Our Solution

TushMate® One-Fits-All™ is a diaper system which combines the best of most popular designs on the market and can be conveniently assembled and adjusted to correspond with different occasions by converting among different designs. Both TushMate® Liner and TushMate® Insert are detachable and they can be used together or separately with the TushMate® Shell to provide five different ways to assemble a TushMate® diaper: Universal Cover, Pocket, All-In-Two, All-In-Three and Hybrid. These configurations all have short dry times and they allow using most reusable and disposable insert products of a wide range of vendors.

The Mission Behind the Product


We partner with manufacturers who stand behind their product’s quality and workmanship and whose products are produced under fair labor practices. Our facility is equipped with new and advanced equipment to produce the highest quality of products. Our organic cotton and organic hemp are grown in fields that have been certified by the Institute for Marketecology (IMO).


We have a strong tradition rooted in cloth diaper but we don’t let tradition define us. Instead, we rely on cutting-edge technology. We are willing to take initiative and look for innovative ways to build and apply groundbreaking designs on cloth diaper products.


Our US and international patented One-Fits-All™ design provides the ultimate flexibility and multiple configuration choices for all occasions. The TushMate® diaper system can be easily and quickly adjusted, assembled, and cleaned to accommodate different absorption and containment requirements.


We understand the safety concerns involved with the use of fabric dyes, and therefore only work with dye houses that have been tested for harmful substances. We follow the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and ensure no harmful dyeing agents have been added during the manufacturing process through lab tests conducted by the SGS.

Behind the Scenes

The Team Support You

All parents want the absolute best for their children. We aim to please here at TushMate®. Our international team comes from a wide range of backgrounds. With many years of experience in product design, development, quality assurance, distribution, marketing, sales, and customer services, we are all working hard to provide you with products you can feel great about, and our customer care is always there for you.

Two Years in Development

We have invested two years of research and design to the creation of the TushMate® One-Fits-All™ eco-friendly cloth diaper. By assembling a sample of young mothers around the world, we conducted interviews to understand their diaper-changing routes and the challenges and frustrations that they currently face with other brands of cloth diapers on the market. We also had them actively participating in the new product trial testing. We have redesigned our products multiple times based on the feedback we received through a variety of channels.

Community Support and Environmental Spirit

Our team members are all passionate about community support and share a strong environmental spirit. We are committed to investing our time, expertise and resources to help develop and maintain local communities. We will continue to advocate eco-friendly products and lifestyles through consistent communication and community engagement.