TushMate® One-Size Diaper Products

    TushMate® Shell

    TushMate® Liner

    TushMate® Insert

    TushMate® Shell TushMate® Liner TushMate® Insert

    TushMate® Shell is made from a TPU (polyester interlock knit with a urethane laminate) which is waterproof. Adjustable to four different sizes. Design fits most babies from infants to toddlers. Can be reused between washes. Results in less diaper changes and more savings.

    Soft, stay-dry material wicks moisture away from baby's skin. Innovative snap-in design makes diaper changing, pad insertion, and cleaning much simpler and easier. Gently and strategically elasticized liner provides a contoured fit around baby's body to dynamically prevent leakage.

    TushMate® Insert is made from the IMO certified organic cotton or organic cotton and hemp jersey. They are wonderfully thick and thirsty. They stay soft even after you wash them.

    How To Adjust TushMate® Shell To Fit Growing Babies

    On the front of TushMate® Shell there are two rows of snaps for adjusting the size as your baby grows. Please refer to our video if you would like to see how to adjust the TushMate® diaper on different sized babies.

    How to Adjust TushMate® Shell

    Washing Instructions

    Before first use Regular wash
    • Wash TushMate® Shell and Liner in warm water at least once
    • Wash TushMate® Insert in warm water four to six times
    • If soiled, dispose of solid waste in the toilet prior to washing
    • If available, always attach Aplix fasteners to laundry tabs
    • Wash in warm water with sufficient additive-free detergent only
    • Hang to dry TushMate® Shell. Do not tumble dry TushMate® Shell
    • Tumble dry low or hange to dry TushMate® Liner and TushMate® Insert
    • Do not use bleach, softners, or enzyme cleaners
    • Do not dry clean, iron or expose to high heat

    How To Use TushMate® Cloth Diaper

    TushMate® All-In-Two Configuration TushMate® Cover Configuration
    TushMate® All-In-Three Configuration TushMate® Pocket Configuration
    TushMate® Hybrid Configuration

    How To Use TushMate® All-In-One Diapers

    1. Size the diaper by adjusting the snap settings on the front of the shell.

    2. Fold down the top half of the insert and tuck it completely inside the shell.

    3. If more absorbency is desired, tuck a booster into the interior flap.

    4. Snap the insert into the snap openings located on the interior flap.

    Use TushMate® Newborn Diaper