At TushMate, we are all working hard to provide you with products you can feel great about, and our customer care is always there for you.

We are offering our customers a 30-day refund guarantee and a warranty on all TushMate® products purchased from www.tushmate.com or an authorized retailer, so you can feel confident that your cloth diaper investment is fully protected.

30-Day Refund Guarantee

How it works: If you purchased a TushMate® product and want a refund, as long as it is unused, unwashed and you have the original package, you may return it to us for a complete refund.

What it does cover: Any unused, unwashed TushMate® product with its original packaging purchased from www.tushmate.com or an authorized retailer.

What it doesn’t cover: Products purchased on clearance, as seconds, on DiaperSwappers, or from other unauthorized third party are not eligible for refunds.

Shipping and handling charges are nonrefundable. Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Any used products, washed products or the products without original packaging.

Any products purchased other than www.tushmate.com or an authorized retailer will not be eligible for refund.

How to claim a refund

  • 1. Please fill the online RA# Claim Form.
  • 2. We will create a RN# and send it to you.
  • 3. Only after you received the RN#, please send the unused, unwashed diaper with its original packaging back to us. We will not process the refund for no RN# returns.

Please note: Products purchased with free items must be returned complete with free items.

TushMate® Products Warranty

Snaps: We offer an one-year warranty on all snaps used on TushMate® products. If your snap is ever pulled off, falls off, cracks or just plain isn't snapping, just simply contact us so we can get your diaper in, fix it up and pop it back in the mail to you promptly.

Sewing: We have a 12-month warranty on all stitching and seams.

Elastics: For the elastics on TushMate® Shell and TushMate® Liner, we have a 3-month warranty. Elastics that have become unattached in the casing, have stitching undone, or have a defect due to a manufacturing error are covered under the warranty. Elastics that have been dissolved or become corroded during washing by not following our wash instructions or have given out over time due to wear and tear are not covered under the warranty.

How it works: To make a claim for any defects covered by the warranty, please submit your RA# Claim Form. We will send you a RN#. Please send your diaper to us only once you have received the RN#. We will cover the cost to ship the item/s back to us.

What it does cover: Our warranty only extends to the original purchase of the products.

What it doesn’t cover: Sizing/fit issues, wicking and or leaking, odor issues, fading, staining, repelling, normal wear and tear. Please make sure you follow the washing instructions. We will not cover any issue caused by improper washing, such as the use of the sanitizing cycle while washing or a water temperature higher than 120 ° F, the use of any fabric softeners or dryer sheets, the use of and/or soaking in bleach, OxiClean®, or any other caustic substance that may damage the materials and compromise the integrity of the elastics and waterproof of nature of the PUL.

All products must arrive clean, unstained, and dry. All products must not be abused, physically damaged or altered in any way. Any product sent to us that does not follow the above conditions will be returned without repair.

How to claim a repair

  • 1. Please fill the online RA# Claim Form.
  • 2. We will create an RN# and send it to you.
  • 3. Only after you have received the RN#, then please send the diaper with the RN# back to us. We will not perform any repair without an RN#.